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PNB Securities Website Frequently Asked Questions

  • PNB Securities, Inc. is a licensed Trading Participant and Stock Brokerage licensed to trade in the Philippine Stock Exchange. (PSE) Our company is a fully owned subsidiary of the Philippine National Bank.

  • At PNB Securities, our clients come first as we provide them with quick and personalized access to the listed securities under the PSE. Our services are guided by timely and quality equity research to ensure client growth at reasonable risk and price.
  • Broker-assisted trading – An advantage when transacting with PNB Securities is Real-time Trading. Where your orders are handled by PNB’s seasoned traders and sales team located at the Philippine Stock Exchange BGC Trading floor as well as offsite traders in Tower One & Exchange Plaza in Makati.


  • Online Trading – Grab market opportunities right away by executing your trade orders right from the comfort of your desktop PC.


  • Lodgment / Upliftment of Shares – We convert your paper stock certificates into tradeable scripless shares. Or if for any reason you need to have a physical certificate, we can uplift the shares for you.
  • Tel: 8526-3510; 8891-6040 loc. 5141
  • BGC Trading Floor: 8839-2629; 8839-2630
  • Tower One Sales Office Trunkline: 8817-5186
  • Clients may e-mail us for concerns at
  • You may also visit us at our website

Opening my PNB Securities Account

  • Any individual of legal age or capacity from any nationality or legitimate corporation may open an account with PNBSI. Management reserves the right to uphold or deny applications deemed as suspicious and unacceptable accounts.
  • Any individual or corporation may transact as long as a checking account is maintained through a PNB Branch.
  • Customers are required to produce original documents of identity issued by official authorities bearing a photograph.


  • Corporate clients will be examined for legal existence and organizational structure, as well as the authority and identification of all persons purporting to act on their behalf and shall exercise due diligence in implementing its policies and procedures. It shall endeavor to ensure, prior to establishing business relationships, that the corporate entity has not been or is not in the process of being dissolved, wound up, liquidated, or voided or that its business or operations has not been or is not in the process of being, closed, shut down, phased out, or terminated.


  • Necessary Forms to be submitted are the Customer Account Information Form (CAIF) with TIN and proof of identity in form of a Photocopied Government-issued ID (ex. Passport, SSS,GSIS).


  • A PNB Savings or Checking account is highly encouraged, as it will facilitate trade settlement.


  • There is no required minimum investment in starting an account with PNBSI.
  • Necessary documents are the aforementioned forms and, if residing in the USA for work or citizenship, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA Form).
  • Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Address, Secretary’s Certificate of Board Resolution authorizing the opening of the account, List of Directors/Partners, list of individual stockholders owning at least 2% of the capital stock, contact numbers, beneficial owners, and names and authority of persons purporting to act on behalf of the entity.
  • You may send the requirements to:
    • PNB Securities, Inc.
    • 3rd Floor, PNB Financial Center
      Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City 1300.
  • The accounts shall be duly processed and activated not more than two working days after being received in the office. Trading activities can be done after this time.

Maintaining and Transacting with my PNB Securities Account

  • You can issue a check for the amount you intended to invest and deposit to any PNB Branch. Our account details are below:
    • Bank:                            Philippine National Bank
    • Account Name:         PNB Securities, Inc.
    • Account Number:     1888-7001-4438


  • Kindly email or deposit slip to and indicate your name and account code in your email.


  • PNBSI transactions are funded through the PNB Savings/Checking account. Additional funds for trading may be deposited directly into the account used for trading or sent to the office via check (named to PNB Securities, Inc.).


  • You may also execute a fund transfer via mobile phone banking app to the account listed above. Please indicate your name and client code in the reference section for monitoring.
  • You may contact our brokers directly through SMS, Viber, E-Mail, or talk to our traders to place your orders.
  • Our clients will get an update over email for every order for verification of transaction. Update of Portfolio Position is available upon request.
  • What different Order Types are available to position my orders?


    • Day Order- Order remains valid until the end of trading day.
    • Good Til Canceled- Orders that remain valid until cancelled by user or expiration of security.
    • Good til Week/Date- order remains valid until specified week/date given.
  • Ordering and Selling Hours


    • Trading hours are from 9:30AM-12 NN and 1:30PM-3:30PM on Monday to Friday except holidays.

    • Pre-Open- By 9:00 AM, Brokers can Enter, Modify, or Cancel Orders although no market activity occurs. By 9:15, no modifications or cancellations of orders will be accepted by the system.
    • Continuous Trading (AM)- Orders are Posted, Modified, Cancelled and Matched.
    • Market Recess- By 12 NN, orders can be posted although queued orders cannot be modified/canceled.
    • Continuous Trading (PM)- By 1:30 PM, Orders are again matched and modified.
    • Pre-Closing –Matching can’t occur during this phase. Traders can enter, modify, and cancel.
    • Pre-Close No Cancellation- By 3:18, Traders are allowed to enter Orders but cannot Modify/Cancel them.
    • Trading at Last- After Computing for closing price, users can only enter and execute trades at closing price. The market formally closes at 3:30 PM.


  • Is there a limit to the number of shares I must trade per transaction?


    • The PSE sorts the market into two lots, the Board/Main Lot and the Odd Lot. The default Board Lot determines the minimum number of shares one must transact with depending on the price of the shares. The Odd Lot Market is for transactions with securities in a quantity lower than that prescribed amount in the Board Lot.
From  To
0.0001  0.0099  0.0001  1,000,000 
0.0100  0.0490  0.0010  100,000 
0.0500  0.2490  0.0010  10,000 
0.2500  0.4950  0.0050  10,000 
0.5000  4.9900  0.0100  1,000 
5.0000  9.9900  0.0100  100 
10.0000  19.9800  0.0200  100 
20.0000  49.9500  0.0500  100 
50.0000  99.9500  0.0500  10 
100.0000  199.9000  0.1000  10 
200.0000  499.8000  0.2000  10 
500.0000  999.5000  0.5000  10 
1000.0000  1999.0000  1.0000  5 
2000.0000  4998.0000  2.0000  5 
5000.0000  UP  5.0000  5 
  • Margin Trading facilities are available but subject to approval.


  • The client may cancel the order by contacting us immediately. If the order has already been transacted, the client must bear the responsibility for the error.


  • If the trader handling the order made the mistake, than PNBSI shall amend the trading error and rebalance the client’s account.
  • Dividends earned by shares invested shall be credited to the active trading account of clients. Dividends are applied withholding tax and may take varying times to be credited based on the bank of the trading account.

For Other FAQs, please contact or visit us at:

PNB Securities, Inc.

3rd Floor, PNB Financial Center

Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City 1300

Tel: 8526-3510; 8891-6040 loc. 5141


BGC Trading Floor: 8839-2629; 8839-2630

Tower One Sales Office:  8817-5186